We treat horses and their riders better

At Euphoria, the health of your horse is our main priority

Just like humans, horses feel the strain from exercise. Alexis treats your horse to help offset some of the musculoskeletal imbalances that arise from the mechanical demand exercise puts on their bodies. Just like the horse, you, the rider will build up imbalances from riding and jumping. So Alexis treats the horse and its rider as one as you both usually have imbalances that reinforce each others’.

That is why we treat horses and their riders better!


I first met Alexis when I worked as a groom for Olympic Event rider Clark Montgomery, Alexis was treating all of the event horses for Clark at the time. I assumed if he was good enough for Olympians he was good enough for me and my horse, and how right I was!! The first session my horse had with Alexis was incredible, I felt an instant difference and I’ve never had anyone else treat my horses since.I now own my own equestrian business, breaking and training but also helping “problem horses” through their issues. Alexis is always my first point of call with any horse that feels uncomfortable and more often than not he solves the “issues” before I do by alleviating any pain they may have.Alexis will also look at the horse as a whole and has helped me solve many lameness issues, he has been able to advise when he feels the horse is tender in those vital leg tendons! He is not just for the horses back, as many people assume. I would recommend Alexis to anyone, his knowledge of horses is second to none and he is always explaining everything he does so you as the owner can understand what is going on and how you can help going forward.Sophie Seymour Equestrian
Sophie S.
14:04 09 Mar 20
Last year our superstar pony went lame for months. After x-rays and a number of vetenery inspections, a full body scan was suggested(which I didn't feel would find anything and would cost a fortune! ) I used 3 different chiropractors and a physio, nothing was getting him right. We were in discussions with his previous owner about retiring him when a well respected vet suggested I tried Alexis. With nothing to lose, Alexis treated the pony and to my shock and amazement the pony was sound. He still needs the occasional maintenance but he has been out winning as he was before.
Louisa N.
15:50 09 Mar 20
I have been with horses a long time and Alexis is the only Osteopath who I will use. He has in depth knowledge of the horse and picks up any issues in an instance. Ranging from race horses in full work to the family pony. I always recommend Alexis to anyone asking for a horse therapist. Alexis also works on my own back and I know how great I feel afterwards so I know how my horses feel after a treatment!
carol S.
16:03 09 Mar 20
Highly recommend. I was recommended to Alexis from a few fellow ridders in the area. Everyone spoke so highly of him and his standard of work. Well what can I say, that was a few years ago now and I would not use anyone else now. I have Alexis for regular treatments on myself as I need fine tuning for my dressage. I have a tendency to slightly twist and I come out of line. Alexis treats both my horses too. He has always been extremely professional and helpful. He’s great with the horses with a Lovley manner when he Handel’s them. It’s very helpful as he can link the way my body is to how the horses way of going is and issues they have. If anyone is considering booking an appointment for themselves or their horses I would highly recommend it as you will not use anyone else again after!
Mandy L.
17:57 09 Mar 20
I cannot rate Alexis Enel enough, he is so good with the horses and seems to have a 6th sense of what's going on with them the horses really do appreciate him
Sara C.
20:21 09 Mar 20
Alexis is absolutely incredible. Amazing with people, horses and dogs. I have recommended Alexis to a lot of my equine reiki clients and he has proven to be amazing with all their horses. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Anne H.
20:49 10 Mar 20
Avril S.
08:24 11 Mar 20
Abbi S.
20:44 07 Apr 20
I cannot recommend Alexis enoughHe is a magician 🤩He has worked on me and both my horses with outstanding results⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Nicole J.
16:43 11 Mar 21
I was given Alexis number from some friends in racing who highly recommended him. We called Alexis and he provided us with a fantastic service... that was nearly ten years ago and we haven’t looked back since! We can not imagine using someone else to treat our horses! Alexis is one of the most knowledgable practitioners we’ve ever come across!We had a point to point horse who didn’t seem right. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it and called Alexis. He advised that he thought he’d done a tendon. When we took him to the vets, the vet said we were so lucky to catch it before it got any worse! It was so small that if the vet wasn’t looking for it he would have missed it!! One of the smallest tears he had ever seen and Alexis picked this up!! What more could you ask for??!! We managed to rehab the horse and he raced again and went on to place!I have used Alexis for a decade now and will continue to use him!This is the person you want treating your horse!!
Rachael M.
17:23 11 Mar 21
Having had Alexis treat my horses for many years, I can honestly say he is truly incredible!! He is able to locate the problem or issues every time and treat accordingly. The horses love having treatments with him and always feel supple in their movement’s after.I would highly recommend Alexis to anyone with horses.
Lauren H.
18:22 11 Mar 21
Highly recommend Alexis! He is the only person that we use for all of our horses. Whenever I’ve contacted Alexis he also responds promptly and is always on time. He’s a really lovely man with masses of knowledge, he’s always sorted the horses out without having to be there for hours, as soon as he sees the horse walk out of the stable he can tell what the problem is. We wouldn’t use anybody else!
Lucy F.
07:19 13 Mar 21

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Treatment for one horse is £75 per horse.

Treatment for three or more horses is £60 per horse.

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